Medical Interpreter Training

Medical interpreter training certificate

Medical Interpreter Training Certificate

Do you want to become a medical interpreter? We offer a 40 hour  medical interpreter training certificate online and in our school in San Antonio, Texas.  With our medical interpreter course, you will be able to provide medical interpretations from Spanish to English or English to Spanish.

Medical Interpreter
Certificate Online

Medical Interpreter Certificate
in San Antonio Texas

Healthcare Interpreter Training




  • Bilingual Entrance Exam
  • Registration
  • Tuition
  • Handbook
  • 42/40 hours of instruction
  • 14/10 sessions
  • Training Certificate


  • Bilingual Proficiency
  • Pass the Entrance Exam
  • Payment

This program is designed to


  • Introduce to healthcare interpreting as a profession.
  • Provide formal medical interpreter  training opportunities and qualifications required before providing professional healthcare interpreter services independently.
  • Meet knowledge and skills outlined by national standards of practice for interpreters in health care.
  • Provide with acceptable proof of medical interpreter education, an eligibility requirement of professional competence for candidates seeking certification.
  • Provide guided, interactive, and collaborative activities aimed at internalizing the content taught and monitoring the development of skills.
  • Present different aspects of language, culture, and communication as they impact healthcare interpreting.
  • Familiarize with ethical principles and standards of professional interpreter practice.
  • Introduce to key concepts, beliefs, and common terms relevant to the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Provide resources for further acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to healthcare interpreting.